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Rotary Combi Oven

Rotary Convection Oven

  • 7” with coloured LCD touch screen and control pannel
  • High Capacity , Memory programme
  • Production information with Pictures
  • Multi-language section/choose
  • Multi-Step cooking features
  • Ability to work with Electricity
  • Two-way rotating fan and Equal heat distribution
  • Adjustable cooking temperature between 0-300 °C
  • Adjustable cooking time and digital indicator
  • Manual or Automatic Humidity Feature
  • Door System with sensor
  • Silicon gasket with tempered glass
  • Internal glass is openable for easy cleaning


Stainless steel body

  • Stone Based Oven
  • 4,3” with coloured LCD screen control pannel
  • Touch Screen with Led
  • 99 cooking feature
  • Production information with Pictures
  • Adjustable lower and higher ground heat temperature
  • Automatic actuation with real timer feature
  • Manual or Automatic humidity feature
  • Equal heat distribution
HTO-740 Combi Rotary Convection Oven 1100x1320x1235 7+2/40x60 13.5 KW+5,5 KW 295 Kg
HTO-740F Combi Rotary Convection Oven Fermantation Cabinet 1100x1320x745 9/40x60 3 KW - 380 V 65 Kg
HTO-740H Combi Rotary Convection Oven Hood  1100x1695x300     20 Kg

Code Electrik Input Cable Cross Section
HTO-740 380 V 5x4 mm2
HTO-740F 220 V 3x1,5 mm2

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Rotary Combi Oven bread oven


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