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Steam Generator

Humidifiers are used for the purpose of providing hygienic quality products by providing heat and humidity requirements of bread and bakery products in the process of fermentation with low energy work conditions.

  • Proper temperature and humidity production
  • Modern steam generation system
  • Electronic steam regulation
  • Long service life
  • Fan operation system
  • Capacity: 10 m3
  • Humidity Density: 0-90
  • Humidity Range: 60 rh - 95 rh
  • Heating Range: 0 - 50 C
  • Water Inlet: 1/2 ''
  • Electric Power: 6,5 Kw (Three phase), 50 hz, 380 V
  • Dimensions: 500x220x1700 mm
  • Machine Weight: 45 Kg

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