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Long Conveyor Packaging Machine

General Specifications

  • It easy to use 
  • Roll, Sandwich Hamburger and similar sized products and Francala Bread are individually wrapped
  • Our machine has a servo motor system
  • Thanks to the touch screen and PLC on the machine, product package length, photocell adjustment and machine speed can be adjusted as desired.
  • There is a sensor control system that prevents jamming of product. If the product location is not correct, it stops the machine.
  • All surfaces and covers that are in contact with the product in the machine are made of 304 quality chrome nickel metal.
  • Rotating jaw system.
  • It packs 115 products per minute (roll, sandwich hamburger and similar products), and 83 products per minute in Francala Bread.
  • Optionally, it is produced so that a coding device can be mounted on the machine.
  • Cellophane bobbin is easy to disassemble and install, the place where it is mounted is an air system and PLC controlled shaft.
  • Since the bottom sealing system of packaging is pneumatic and PLC controlled, the settings of the packaging material are made without wasting time.


Our company reserves the right to make changes in the technical specifications mentioned above.

Attention! : Since there are pneumatic pistons on the machine, a minimum air pressure of 4 bars is required for the machine to operate properly. 5 * 2.5 multi-cable should be used for the required electrical energy. In order not to damage the automation products used in the machine, it is recommended to use a suitable regulator in order to prevent voltage fluctuations in the electricity.

Machine Features
Capacity Max. 180 pcs/min.
Machine Width 910 mm
Machine Length 3740 mm
Machine Height 1690 mm
Machine Weight 800 Kg
Package Width 20 - 140 mm
Package Length 100- 250 mm
Package Height 20 - 60 mm
Max.Coil Width 500 mm
Max. Cellophane Coil Di 350 mm
Internal Diameter Of The Coil "3"
Technical Specifications
Max. Power 3 Kw
Voltage 380 V
Max. Current 25 A
Control PLC-Touch Screen
Compressor Air Requirement 5-6 Bar

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